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I provide 2 round top-loading kilns in my workshop. It is possible to only rent the whole kiln and the loading is carried out by the client under my supervision.

Ceny netto. Jest możliwość wystawienia faktury VAT.

Kittec, 66 litres 

(chamber diameter: 39 cm, chamber height: 52 cm, shelf diameter: 35 cm)

– bisque up to 900°C: 190 zł;,
– glazes up to 1100°C: 230 zł;,
– glazes up to 1250°C: 320 zł.

Rohde, 200 litres 

(chamber diameter: 61 cm, chamber height: 68 cm, shelf diameter: 55 cm)

– biskwit do 900°C: 310 zł,
– szkliwa do 1100°C: 370 zł,
– szkliwa do 1250°C: 480 zł.

If you are using this service for the first time, you must sign a declaration that you take responsibility for any damage connected to the firing of your works. In the event of damaging the shelves, the heating elements or the structure of the kiln, you will bear the cost of repairs. These costs range from several dozen to several thousand zloty.